How it works

Well, for starters it works (very) well. Text Mercato is one of the few companies in the world leveraging the use of technology in content. Our custom-built platform helps select the best writers based on previous performance, all articles go through a 2-stage (auto and manual) quality check process, inbuilt tools such as plagiarism checker and duplication ensure you have unique content at all times. Our system conducts a 17-point quality check to be sure your quality parameters are adhered to with a 100% accuracy. With Text Mercato, all your content needs are handled efficiently and transparently.

Scientific & analytical checks

Short sentences more than 20% of sentences below 8 words

More than 40% of paragraphs below
45 words – Flag

Copyscape failed submission. '0'/0.5
Late submission 1
Text Compare 2
Quality of the written content 1.5

Size, keywords (D), keyword
density, common spelling errors,
slangs and colloquium,

Restrict use of negative words,
avoid repeat words

Blacklisted keywords,
whitelisted keywords

Grammar: Choose tool as per US or
UK grammar requirement.

Formula: 99% correct grammar
as per basic online grammar tool.  

Use of parallel structure while

Identify verbs and check for
consistent usage

Flesch Reading Ease – on a scale of 100, higher the score, the easier to understand
the document.

Gunning-Fog Index – an approx. measure the number of years of schooling it would
take someone to understand the content.

Lexical Density – The density of
lexical words (nouns, adjectives,
verbs, and adverbs) in a
sentence. These words measure
how meaningful the text is.

Long sentences 20% of sentences
more than 25 words

More than 40% of paragraphs
above 9 lines – Flag

 Submitted timeline + 1
Approved on first submit + 1.5
Copyscape +0.5
Text Compare + 2 (less changed)

Too many adjectives, to many
short sentences, too many long
sentences, Absence of
sub-headings, large para's

Approve based on previous rating
+ previous rating of the client

Auto accepted and rejected
Definite: Size, keywords,
keyword density, common
spelling errors,

60% as per advanced online
grammar tool. 

Encourage use of transitional
expressions – Softer aspect of
writing. (examples, therefore, consequently, however, then, first,
next, and although


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