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What is content writing?

Some say it is the art of delivering words that inspire, others claim that it is the universal salesman that narrates the brand's story to all its customers. The definitions are less abstract from an SEO perspective, which requires content to be framed for greater visibility (keywords), increased engagement (time-spent) and more shares on social media.

So what does that make content writing, an art or a science?

Trivia: Did you know that the copy industry is a $2.3 trillion industry worldwide. To put it in perspective, that's around the same as the GDP of France, India or Italy!


Briefing and benchmarking
processes to give you
the best of copies


Select rated writers
who match your needs


Plagiarism check and
editing round ensure
your copy is error-free


In the format of
your choice: DOC,
XLS or even HTML


After delivery services
to ensure you are
100% satisfied


Copywriting for clients in 4 continents

Text Mercato is instrumental in providing content for our customers. Team picks of our expectations swiftly, understands Keyword strategy and provides quality delivery. Service is prompt, creative and professional.

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We know that content writing involves creativity, innovation and the nous that sets a good copy apart. We also know that there are three parties involved here- the publisher, the writer and the consumer. We understand that content is written for a specific purpose, which can range from marketing to education to advertising and beyond.

The goal is to say what you need to say, to get the response that you need to get. Whether it's through web pages, emailers, brochures or user manuals- the ultimate objective is to provide value to the reader.

I think by weaving all of this together, we can discover an apt definition of content writing. Can’t we?

Ecommerce Content

  • Product and category
  • descriptions, buying guides
  • and SEO content.

Travel Content

  • Hotel descriptions,
  • destination reviews,
  • travel blogs and guides

Fashion Content

  • Product content,
  • style guides and
  • creatives

Education Content

  • News articles,
  • blog and other
  • forms of content

Market Reports

  • Research papers and white
  • papers, short and
  • long form study

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