Who we are

Text Mercato is run by a team of professionals who have extensive experience in the content-writing industry. They have been successfully delivering their services to leading global brands across the travel, retail, fashion, realty sectors (among others) for the last 8 years.

Text Mercato was founded by Kiran and Subhajit who were based in London and Paris, working for international brands when they realised the growing need for good content services in the Indian market. This persuaded them to bring their experience and expertise to India. They have put together a group of (writers/people/professionals) who love nothing better than to spot that errant comma, translate that difficult foreign phrase and write that tone-perfect sentence. Our goal is to bring our expertise from the international market to the Indian content industry and develop winning strategies for you.

The Founders

Kiran Ramakrishna

Founder / CEO

Kiran Ramakrishna has been living in Paris, London and Durham since 2011, before he decided to move back to India in 2015 to start Text Mercato. He has been in the content industry for about 10 years now and has managed delivery in 23 languages for global brands such as Expedia, Groupon, L’Oréal and many more. He helped started and run two companies prior to Text Mercato, Oboulo.com (Bangalore, India) and Edit-place (London, UK) He holds an MBA from the England’s prestigious Durham University and has worked with leading brands like AXA Insurance and Convergys.

Apart from work-life, he is an avid traveler and visited over 32 countries (and counting!) seen 5 of the 7 wonders of the world, backpacked across South America for 100 days. He loves working and interacting with diverse cultures.

Subhajit Mukherjee


Subhajit has a B.E. in telecommunications from SMIT and an executive diploma in delivery management from ISB/Accenture Management Academy. His expertise is in application outsourcing and business operations, and he credits his business understanding to the wide range of portfolios he got the chance to work in during his tenure in Accenture and Dell.

He has been interested in the English language since his formative years, and the love for writing has always been with him. The author of an unpublished book and several unfinished pieces of work, he finds expression and meaning in words.

Nanda Kishore V

CTO, Co-Founder

Nanda Kishore, a graduate from RVCE, has been engineering solutions since 2009 across domains. Improving efficiency is the key to whatever he does. As a researcher, he has worked on network routing and map-based navigation algorithms. As a full stack developer, he develops fast and light web-based applications. He has learnt under some of the best minds of IISc, NIT-K (and stackoverflow :D). He swears by automation - give him a task and he will have a program do it for you.

When algorithms escape his mind, he can be found either playing classical music on his flute, reading literature voraciously, watching off-beat cinema, dreaming of the hills or admiring trees.

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